About: currently, a full-time telecom/networks design engineer and data science coordinator at and a part-time masters student in Data Science at the University of Nicosia. I sometimes do some engineering/data science tinkering at, independent research which I publish on and write in various blogs on


    - The Evolution of Decentralized ICT Networks:

    - Optionality and Convexity in ICT Networks:

    - Comparison Study for Multi-vendor Versus Single-vendor for Enterprise Computer Networks:

Data Science Projects in BIM:

I'm always in search of doing tasks more efficiently (i.e. faster and better). Parametric and generative codes I developed using Python/Dynamo for BIM perform the following:

    - Build a database of previous projects using SQL accompanied by a machine learning model which uses the decision tree algorithm on top of the database to design future projects. (read more: Role Models for BIM Models)

    - Zoning and wiring elements using ML processes like the Markov Chain, k-means clustering and the traveling salesman algorithm. (Read more: traveling salesman in BIM, k-means clustering in BIM, Markov Chain in BIM)

    - Find various MEP/AR elements and integrate the required ELV design and track future changes in the model automatically (read more: Data Design for CCTV Cameras)

Data Science Projects in Operational Buildings:

    - Build ML algorithms to track the performance patterns of all systems to help provide future predictions of the systems targets and track deviations from these targets.

    - Build an artificial neural network to detect faulty sensors readings 

    - Build a fault detection model for the PV system, AHU and elevators using machine learning algorithms and provide recommendations for performance optimization.

Outside working hours projects:

This is where I explore different topics of personal interest: